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Question Content According to APICS CSCP Exam Outlines :

Supply Chain Management Fundamentals

Supply Chain Management Overview

Major Supply Chain Identification

Supply Chain Management Processes

Supply Chain Management Evolution

Value Creation By Supply Chain Management

Supply Chain Management Corporate Strategies

Supply Chain Strategy and Corporate Strategy

Supply Chain Risk Management

Decision Making Through Supply Chain and Corporate Strategy

Performance Measurement for Supply Chains

Financial Performance Measurement for Supply Chains

Human Resource Management for Supply Chains

Supply Chain Security and Compliance

Supply Chain Continuous Improvement and Methods

Supply Chain Visibility and Analysis

Supply Chain Change Management

Supply Chain Operations, Planning and Logistics

Supply Chain Demand Dynamics

Supply Chain Forecasting

Types of Supply Chain Collaboration

Marketing and Demand

Product Design

Sales and Operations

Production Scheduling

Materials Requirements

Distribution Planning

Capacity Planning

Inventory Management

Transportation Logistics


Third and Forth Party Logistics

Reverse Logistics Operations

International Logistics


Customer and Supplier Relationships

Supply Chain Management Relationships

Customer / Supplier Relationship Management

Supplier Relationship Management

Lifetime Customer Value

Customer / Supplier Relationship Management Components

The Product Lifecycle

Customer / Supplier Types

Customer Segments

Customer / Supplier Relationship Information Management

Customer / Supplier Relationship Management Technology

Customer / Supplier Relationship Management Performance

Outsource Customer / Supplier Relationship Management

Supply Management Risks

Supplier Alliances

Supply Chain Network Integration

Customer / Supplier Relationship Problems

Supply Chain Management Technology

Supply Chain Information Technology  

Data Usage

Enterprise Application Integration

Supply Chain Management as a Comprehensive System

Enterprise Resource Planning in Supply Chain Management

Optimization through Technology  

Supply Chain Event Management

Advanced Planning and Optimization Scheduling

Electronic Data Standards

Automatic Identification and Data Capture

E-Business Effects on Revenue, Transportation, Inventory and Assets

Internet Supply Chains

E-Business Success Prerequisites

Business to Business and Business to Consumer Management

E-Business Portals

Collaborative Web Services

Service Orientated Architecture

Electronic Business Using eXtensible Markup Language

Various Data Formats


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